OSRS Fight Caves Guide | How to Defeat Jad and Get Your Fire Cape

In case you have never experienced is before, the OSRS Fight Caves is a minigame in Old School RuneScape with a rather unique prize. The TzHaar Fight Cave is found around the Mor Ul Rek, in the Karamja volcano, and brings about some difficult enemies for you to beat.

This short guide will show you how to:

  • Find the OSRS Fight Caves
  • Defeat Jad
  • Receive the Fire Cape

Before we get into beating Jad and obtaining the Fire Cape, first we are going to need to know where to find him.

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Where to find the OSRS Fight Caves

Those who find themselves below the ground of Karamja will notice that a new breed of enemy has appeared. This location can be found via the Crandor and Karamja Dungeon. After you have reached this area, you will notice a cave. This goes to Mor Ul Rek, so head on through.

By facing off against TzTok-Jad, you can also unlock it as a slayer task, for 100 slayer points. You can get this at Chaeldar, Duradel, or Nieve. There are several monsters within the Fight Caves, each of which will increase in difficulty. To reach Jad, you will have to get through Tz-Kih, Tz-Kek, Tok-Xil, Yt-MejKot, and Ket-Zek before meeting with the final boss.

Preparing Jad and the OSRS Fight Caves

There is a reason as to why the TzHaar Fight Caves are considered one of the hardest minigames in OSRS. Your main goal is to defeat the final boss, TzTok-Jad, who stands at level 702 and has a high damage output. This means that ad is in fact one of the highest level monsters in the entire game, but by beating him you are working towards a very unique prize, which we will be discussing a little later. For now, let’s take a look at ways in which you can beat Jad.

Going through the cave itself, you should focus on using Ranged attacks if possible. This is because you can trap your enemies whilst attacking them from a safe haven. Melee is probably not something that you should use, due to the damage that you could receive. The cave is going to be a lengthy task of constant fighting, roughly taking a couple of hours. With that in mind, make sure that you stock up on as many potions as you can. That is just taking on the cave itself, whereas Jad can take much longer if you are not prepared or experienced enough.

You don’t necessarily need to have any skill requirements to take on the Fight Caves, though you should make sure that you are at least 70 in Defence, Prayer, Hitpoints, and Ranged. If you do have to go down the Melee route, then make sure you are at least 94 for Magic. Weapons wise, you should look at ranged weapons that include the Toxic Blowpipe, the Twisted Bow, or the Rune Crossbow. Other crossbows that can be of use include Karil’s Crossbow and the Armadyl Crossbow. If you are going for the melee method, then the Saradomin Godsword or the Dragon Halberd can be very useful.

Fighting TzTok-Jad

The final and most important battle is with Jad, and you need to bring all your skill and patience to the fight. 62 waves of monsters await you before Jad, so you should want to carry that momentum by taking on this huge monster. The boss uses a deadly combination of Magic, Melee, and Ranged against you, so preparation is key. Make sure that you have focus and auto retaliate on, and ensure you have the right correction prayer at the right time.

Jad’s Melee Attack

The key to surviving this fight is to make a note of Jad’s attacks. For example, his melee attack will show him slamming his fist at you, so make sure you stay at a distance to avoid this, as its his fastest attack. By staying at range, you should not even experience this attack.

Jad’s Magic Attack

His Magic attack meanwhile sees Jad standing up and breathing fire at you. Thankfully, you can get an audio cue from this when he loudly growls, so keep an ear out for it. Protect from Magic will help you here, just make sure that you use it in time.

Jad’s Ranged Attack

His Ranged attack will have Jad slamming his front legs on the ground, with cracks appearing in the floor. When this happens, turn Prayer on. A boulder also falls down on you, with it only making a sound after the hit, hence why you need to use Prayer as quickly as possible.

Jad will also spawn healers when he is down to half health. They are only at level 108 with 60 HP, but the can be a nuisance in the circumstances. You need to hit them so that the focus is taken off of healing Jad and onto you. If they get stuck behind Jad, then you can use long range attacks to keep them at bay and still attack the boss. Keep all of these in mind, and focus on your Ranged attacks, and you should be able to overcome Jad after a short while.

Your Reward – The Fire Cape

As well as the 8,032 Tokkul you receive for beating Jad, you will also get the Fire Cape. Complete with a lava animation pattern, this is considered to be one of the best capes for melee combat, and one of the only animated capes in the game. Compared to other capes, it offers more protection than the likes of the Obsidian Cape and the Cape of Legends, and even has bonuses in offense. It is now also a stackable item, after an update for the game was implemented. This was because it seemed unfair to not receive a further cape if you were to go back and beat Jad again.


So if you have been wondering how to get your hands on a Fire Cape, then this guide should have given you an insight on how to do so. The OSRS Fight Caves are by no means an easy task for you to complete. They are relentless, providing a real test of endurance for the player with many waves of difficult enemies followed by one of the most powerful bosses in the whole of Old School Runescape. Nevertheless, having one of the only animated capes in the game will make it all worth it.

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